How To Discover Your Life Purpose

The journey towards fulfilling one’s life purpose can be an amazing adventure filled with enthusiasm and achievements. Whereas, other times setbacks and discouragements became unwelcomed acquaintances on our quest.  But the significance of all these experiences is the knowledge that you are in the pursuit of your true path and realizing your deepest dreams.

We all have our own unique assignments that lead us to our passage to a successful life. Unfortunately, many are left vacillating with uncertainty and the questions about our existence.

So, how do you DISCOVER your life purpose?

You discover purpose by living the life that wants to live in and through you.  Surprisingly and unbeknownst to many, our life is constantly speaking.

How does our life Speak?

Your life speaks through the following:

  • What you Love (your passion)
  • What the World Needs (your mission)
  • What you are Good at (your vocation)
  • What you can get Paid for (your profession)

Unfortunately, many are deafened by the landmines and cares of life.

How do we begin to hear the direction that our life is trying to guide us towards?

Below are a few fundamental practices representing the starting point of your pursuit.

Remember, this is a journey. Enjoy your adventure, and please leave a comment.

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